We create unique concepts and menus for our clients all around the world. The secret ingredient lies within us.


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Toorma is a creative F&B group.

We consult for clients looking to establish a brand.

Our team works together, and in parallel; creative directing over the brand identity, interior design, tableware & packaging selection, while mapping out the kitchen plans, selecting the equipment, creating the recipes, calculating food costs…and everything in between.

We aim to design tailored experiences, from brick and mortar locations to virtual brands.

We came together when realising that the singular experience of our partners is only equalled by what we can do as a collective.

Our combined expertise in the different areas of Food and Beverage, ensures effective, and most of all – creative – solutions.

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Our people

Our secret weapon is the talent and mindset of our team.

Our clients

Being independent allows us to pick our clients carefully. Our flexibility allows us to integrate on their terms. The best work happens when we can be co-create as one team.

Our Services

We’ll cover what competitors are doing locally and internationally, comparing brands, menus, offerings, and services.

Understanding of the project’s costs, pre-during-post opening with expected ROI and high-level financial reports that include Project Summary, Monthly Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Payback Period and IRR Analysis

Working with you on the concept to create a complete brand identity, the purpose, and the experience to guide individuals through your narrative to stir emotions and build meaningful relationships.

  • Creative & Visual Identity
  • Brand Design & Direction
  • Interior Design & Direction
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Food & Lifestyle Photography
  • Packaging Direction
  • Music Orientation

Developing your concept’s unique menu and recipes, ensuring the kitchen design flows, the powerloads work and the food costs are profitable – while sourcing the necessary equipment, and food suppliers.

  • F&B Concept Design
  • Recipe Development
  • Kitchen Design
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Menu Engineering
  • F&B Souring
  • Food Costing
  • Implementation

Our Team

We work together, with each of us specialising in our own area of expertise.



Born in Brazil, Chef Steph has always been drawn to the richness that the natural world has to offer; ever inspired by the alchemy that happens when our imagination, palate and natural ingredients come together.

She grew this passion into a career through a classical training at the Cordon Bleu, Alain Ducasse's Rivea and Guy Savoy’s eponymous Paris restaurant. She enriched her palette working abroad for several years, exposing herself to a wide variety of cuisine that added new dimensions to her cooking.

Paired with her engineering background, Steph has a uniquely holistic understanding of the kitchen. She designs our floor plans, precisely selects kitchen equipment, and conceptualises each menu, all with an intuitive understanding of both engineering and culinary timing, needs, and flow.

Meet Stephanie


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