Developed for clients, opening in
Msheireb, Doha … coming soon.

Alfie’s – An Uncommon Café.

Our clients, two young Qatari’s, came to us after their collective experiences in the US and UK frequenting local coffee shops and bakeries. They wanted to bring some of that back with them and introduce it to the Doha market.

We got started by creating a brand identity that felt familiar and welcoming but with a slightly cheeky side.

The interiors, designed by A_NRD followed through with that vision and brings an urban bakery vibe to the streets of Msheireb in downtown Doha.

The menu will take inspiration from NYC delis and bakeries, putting bagels at the forefront and following through with crullers and other mouthwatering goodies.




Kitchen design.

Equipment selection.

Menu development.

F&B sourcing.

Tableware & packaging.

Photography direction.

Instagram guidelines.

Music Orientation.

Staff training.

This is how…

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