Elevated diner food has been a global trend
in the last few years…

Elevated diner food has been a global trend in the last few years. The humble burger has been revamped and repackaged in most cities around the world. The hot dog, not so much.
We were inspired by the classic American diners and wanted to revitalise this concept. A diner meets speakeasy – with leather booths, a countertop with a barkeep, and vinyl bar stools.
Of course, we also serve the best burgers in town. And they are simply delicious, no fuss or thrills, just your classic burger that will hit the cheat-meal spot any deal of the week.
Our sides take centerstage, real showstoppers; loaded hash browns and vegan tater tots.

We even created a dessert dog, a soon to be famous way to finish a meal; dulce de leche, caramelised banana, and pecan in a brioche-style role.




Kitchen design.

Equipment selection.

Menu development.

F&B sourcing.

Tableware & packaging.

Photography direction.

Instagram guidelines.

Music Orientation.

Staff training.

This is how…

  1. Concept development. Burgers and Hot Dogs reign over the Qatari market, however, our client wanted to create a unique offering and we happily took on the challenge.
  2. Branding. The brand and identity were straightforward. No beating around the bush. DAWG. Clean, minimalist, masculine. We replicated the iPhone box packaging for our hotdogs, certainly making them the coolest in town.
  3. Interiors. The idea was to create a man-cave. We went for an old school American diner vibe, black with red booths – and we filled the space with vintage toys, and motorcycle equipment that belonged to the client, an ex-Dakar rally driver.
  4. Menu. DAWG is not your average hotdog. There’s not much mystery to an excellent bun and high quality beef, but our Chef’s creative juices kicked in to pair them with exceptional toppings: Underdawg: fried hammour fish with sauerkraut, chili pickled cucumber and tartare sauce. And of course, our sauces are homemade. OH! And don’t even get us started on the sweet dawg we created…it’s a doughnut bun with caramelised banana, dulce de leche, and caramelised pecans…yep, we went there.
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