Bring a taste of Brazil to Doha …

Our goal was to create a brand that communicates a simple and clear concept, offering a high quality product and overall experience, different from those around the brand’s competition.

Our product, the superfood açaí berry from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, has no added refined sugars. Our toppings are composed of homemade granolas that are gluten-free and sweetened with honey, along with fresh fruits, nut butters and superfood toppings.



Kitchen design.

Equipment selection.

Menu development.

F&B sourcing.


Photography direction.

Instagram guidelines.

Music Orientation.

Staff training.

This is how…

  1. Concept development. We loved working on this project. Being Brazilian and growing up eating açaí, this was a concept that came naturally to us. The idea was the compliment MOPO, Itaki’s brother restaurant, with a sweet offering that can tick the breakfast, snack, and healthy boxes.
  2. Branding. We wanted to create a fun brand that would represent the story behind the name açaí – coming from Iaça (açaí backwards), the daughter of the Amazonian tribe leader Itaki who named the Berry after her.
  3. Menu. The menu stays true to its Brazilian offering, giving importance to the frozen açaí berry blend and complementing it with superfood toppings.
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