A wave of Poké concepts have appeared
in the last 5 years…

A wave of Poké concepts have appeared in the last 5 years. Fresh, healthy, customisable. All in one bowl… what’s not to love? And yet, satisfying as they are, it’s near impossible to differentiate between one Poké stop from another.

The first in a series of concepts we developed for the Gate Mall in Doha.
Design sets the tone here. Letting the fresh, punchy flavours of Hawaii’s fan-favourites bring the colour to the space.




Kitchen design.

Equipment selection.

Menu development.

F&B sourcing.

Tableware & packaging.

Photography direction.

Instagram guidelines.

Music Orientation.

Staff training.

This is how…

  1. Concept development. MOPO was our first baby. Our client came to us looking to open Doha’s first Poké concept. One of the challenges was to sell a product that’s not too popular in the region: raw fish.
  2. Branding. To start, we decided to bring people in by creating a friendly branding – the name and logo are a playful version of the owner – and a play on words that merge his name with the product.
  3. Interiors. For the interiors, we worked our vision was to design, alongside the architects, a cool and photographable space; the most important element was the beautifully customised display fridge, set in an oasis-like space, surrounded by greenery and surfing pictures.
  4. Menu. Our plan was to stand out from the plethora of salad bars found in the market by creating an authentic Hawaiian menu. All the sauces are homemade, with signature elements like our caramelized pineapple, spiced nuts and crispy onion.
  5. We quickly learned that every element of a building a restaurant go hand in hand, and found ourselves creating hours of playlists (follow us on Spotify! @Toorma), designing the uniforms, and even finding the right scent to suit the space!
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