Developed for a client, located at
the Iconic 2022 building, Doha …

Our client came to us with a vision. She wanted to educate the Qatari’s on how to eat better, starting with cold pressed juices.

While curating Restore’s identity, we were inspired by vintage olympic posters that decorate the bottles, packaging and walls.

Restore’s flagship is located in the Iconic 2022 building in Doha, on the “fitness hub” floor, surrounded by gyms. This meant we could have fun with the design, as we looked to create a space that’s energetic and welcoming pre and post workout.

Cold pressed juices are at the heart of the business. The second acts come in form of nutrition packed salads and sandwiches, snacks, and accompanied by protein smoothies and a coffee bar.




Kitchen design.

Equipment selection.

Menu development.

F&B sourcing.

Tableware & packaging.

Photography direction.

Instagram guidelines.

Music Orientation.

Staff training.

This is how…

  1. Concept development. Cold pressed juices. That was to be the focus of the concept and we shaped everything around the idea of a healthy lifestyle – from the fresh produce in the menu, to the plastic-free packaging.
  2. Branding. We had a lot of fun with the brand identity. Considering a number of elements: the location is at the Iconic 2022 building on the “Fitness Hub” floor, underneath the offices of the Olympic Committee, and in front of one of the World Cup stadiums – we decided to play around with the idea of vintage Olympic illustrations for the graphic elements. Each figure holds an element, considered to be a fruit but seen as a source of energy.
  3. Interiors. A clean, minimalistic yet energising space is what we envisioned for the interiors. The terracotta walls are decorated with her brand’s illustrations and our favourite element, the wall of bottles! is our piece de resistance.
  4. Menu. Cold pressed juices stand at the forefront of Restore. Seasonal fruits and vegetables go into the juices, shots, and smoothies (with and without protein). To compliment the drinks, healthy salads, sandwiches, and snacks are also on the menu.
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